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Original Title: BoJack Horseman
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Channel: Netflix
Creators: Raphael Bob-Waksberg
Language: English
Description: In the early 1980s, Germany still exists in two parts: East and West. The division took place after the end of the Second world war, and since then life in countries that were once one power, began to develop in different vectors. In East Germany the Communist regime reigns, with all its negative consequences. At the same time, the people of Germany enjoy all the benefits of Western civilization. The balance between these worlds is very fragile and easy to upset. The reason for this may be the introduction of the us military contingent on the territory of capitalist West Germany. Her Eastern neighbour is observing this with well-founded fears. The army of the GDR is on full alert, but you need to quickly find out about the plans of a potential enemy. For this purpose, a specially trained scout is sent to West Germany in 1983. It turns out Martin Koch, twenty-three-year-old military. He was recently called up for military service, but became an agent of the Stasi – the famous East German intelligence Agency. The task of the hero-to penetrate deep into the territory of Germany and secretly find out about the plans of NATO leadership. After all, this may determine the beginning of the Third world war. All data on the movements of troops and training operations should be immediately transferred to the headquarters, so the hero will have to try. At the same time, he never ceases to be surprised by the abundance of goods on supermarket shelves, decomposing Western music and other wonders of the Western world. It won't be easy to avoid exposure…

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