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Confident, cynical, but very charming character colorful cartoon Horse Bodzek in the past had to go through many trials. Moreover, it is more than 18 years, never filmed, than has provoked a multi-year depression, it still left a girlfriend. However, due to a breakup with a girlfriend he almost doesn't care because she wanted a normal family, and Bocek believes he is too important for society to tie up the knot. Last season, he tried to release his memoirs, but could not write a word and eventually turned to a professional Diana Nguyen, who began to record all his memories. Her work and brought the horse to success – released his book became a hit and allowed Bojiku to get a role in a feature film. Now he starred in the film Secretariat , telling about one of the fastest anthropomorphic horses in the world. That's just returning the glory and the new role of the only sad moments of the main character. Suddenly Bocek begins to realize that his acting capabilities are not so perfect as he previously believed. Whether the horse will try to cope with new difficulties or will plunge into the alcoholic river which carried it on the current the last 18 years again?

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