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Original Title: Aquarius
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: NBC
Creators: John McNamara
Language: English
Description: For many years, the main character traveled far beyond his homeland. Those who still remember how Beowulf lived in Heorot, rumor has it that the mercenary was no more than 20 years. During this time, here, as in the life of the hero, there have been many changes. Warrior learns about them during his triumphant return. He came home for two reasons. The first is to quench the thirst for glory inherent in any warrior, and to talk about their glorious wanderings and victories. Second – miss a glass of strong beer with an old friend the Thane Hrothgar. But this meeting will not take place, because recently, Tang suddenly died, and not waiting until his friend finishes his crusade. Even after learning about the death of Hrothgar, the hero is in no hurry to leave the walls of the ancient settlement, because after the death of the ruler here began to occur strange events. Beowulf did not interfere in the events until at the Western exit did not find the body of one of the best fist fighters of the city. Wanting to repay a debt to Hrothgar the warrior swears to protect the people Heorot. Beowulf does not know that he will not confront a man, and a bloodthirsty monster that kills people for fun. But if I can deal with the monster ordinary warrior, albeit famous, but fought only with people?

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