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Original Title: Andromeda
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Global TV
Creators: Gene Roddenberry,Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Language: English
Description: The first series takes place 9784 year. This is the time when the possibilities of space are open to everyone. Humanity is only one of the many races that inhabit the Universe. Three galaxies including the milky way, Triangle and Andromeda are United by the Commonwealth of systems dominating them. Seeking to create a utopian society, the Commonwealth refuses to come into conflict with predatory race of Magog. To establish relations with militant humanoids, the Board members decide to give them one of the key planets. It becomes a planet inhabited by a race of Nietzscheans. Offended by treachery, the Nietzscheans are plotting a coup d'état. Their plans include the overthrow of the existing government and the creation of a New Nietzsche Empire. the most Powerful ship of the Navy of the three galaxies, the cruiser Constellation Andromeda , goes into space. But the crew expects failure-insidious Nietzscheans lure the ship into a trap, and Andromeda gets stuck in the system of Hephaestus. The captain of the cruiser, an experienced pilot Dylan hunt, announces the emergency evacuation of the crew, and he remains on Board the ship. 303 years later, it discovers a rescue vessel. in season 1, getting out of the time anomaly, hunt learns that the universe has changed dramatically. A brief excursion into the history of the missed years reveals the following information to Dylan: the Nietzscheans achieved the overthrow of the constitutional monarchy, but did not realize the dream of creating a great Nietzsche Empire. Frustrated, Dylan decides to return control to the galaxies of the Systems Commonwealth.

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