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Original Title: Andromeda
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Global TV
Creators: Gene Roddenberry,Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Language: English
Description: The new season continues the story of space adventures. The main character-Dylan hunt-the captain of the infamous vessel Andromeda Constellation . Once Dylan had served in the Stellar Guard – Navy of the Systems Commonwealth. But in 9784, after the revolution declared by the Nietzscheans, the cruiser Andromeda disappeared from the radar, stuck in the orbit of a black hole in the constellation of Hephaestus. With the ship gone and the captain, caught in a temporal anomaly. 303 years later, he was rescued by a starship under Rebecca Valentine. Much has changed in Dylan's absence, and the Commonwealth of Systems is no longer at the helm of the three galaxies. The races are at war with each other, the planets are dying out, and hunt decides to revive the utopian society. His new allies are the crew members of the ship Eureka Maru . Together with Becca and her team, Dylan begins a new mission. A few months later, the heroes manage to recreate the Commonwealth of Systems, but the problems do not end there...
the Format of the 3rd season changes the idea of the structure of the series. The main theme is only partly present in the story, and to the fore some characters and stories about the adventures of the cruiser in open space.

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