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The far future, 9784. Space is an open book not only for humanity. Universe encompasses many planets with civilizations inhabiting them. Three galaxies are United among themselves by the Commonwealth of Systems working on the principles of the constitutional monarchy. It is a utopian society that denies violence. That is why the conflict with the Magog – predatory humanoids – not included in the plans of the Commonwealth. To establish relations with the militant race, the Board members offer the Magog the planet of the Nietzscheans in exchange for peaceful coexistence. However, this creates new unrest: offended Nietzscheans are not willing to tolerate betrayal and start a coup. Star Guard sends its best ship the Constellation of Andromeda to repel the attacks of the Nietzschean race. But the cruiser is defeated, once in a temporary anomaly: the crew evacuated from the ship, and on Board is only Dylan hunt – captain Andromeda. Only after 303 years of his cruiser detects a rescue vessel. Now hunt, who has to get used to the fact that the universe has changed seriously for more than 3 centuries, begins the mission to revive the Commonwealth Systems. But it turns out that not all civilizations agree to the restoration of the former power. In the 2nd season Andromeda will have a new battle with a deadly enemy. Meanwhile, Dylan is trying to free his friends from captivity.

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