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Original Title: Alaskan Bush People
Channel: Discovery
Language: English
Description: The protagonist of the fantastic series-a very mysterious man, the true nature of which is not even guess close people. A few years ago, a young man was a superhero named Black lightning , able to create electrical discharges of great power and control them. Every day he risked himself for the sake of peace of the inhabitants of his native city. But then pierce Jefferson was forced to abandon the feats for the sake of his family. At the moment he runs a small school, where difficult teenagers are trained. The hero appreciates his students and tries to convey to them the rules of decency. Pierce is a respected man for the whole city, although almost no one knows about his past. But even if the past is left behind, the man does not forget about his opportunities. Pierce's wife realizes that he feels uncomfortable blocking superpowers. The main storyline begins to develop after the appearance of the criminal group Hundred . Gang members Rob and even kill the locals. Realizing that the police are unable to solve the problem, pierce again puts on a superhero costume and goes out on the streets of the city to personally deal with violators of the law.

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