logo get secure transparentWhile Joomla, if updated regularly, is relatively secure, there are still several ways by which someone with malicious intent can exploit vulnerabilities on your site. This could be due to file/folder permissions issues, lack of upgrading to the most current versions of all components/plugins, or even basic security fundamentals that get overlooked and forgotten. Forgotten, that is, until your site gets hacked. Once hacked, finding the backdoor by which the hackers were able to exploit your site can be incredibly difficult without the right tools and knowledge to isolate the breach. Moreover, just removing infected files will seldom fix your problem.

We have the most powerful security auditing tools for Joomla available and can quickly determine if your site has vulnerabilities and if so, patch those vulnerabilities before a hacker exploits them. Our service is incredibly thorough, literally scanning every one of the thousands of files that make up a Joomla site, including image files which have recently been used to mask hacks. Our service is very affordable, and frankly, something anyone with a Joomla site can hardly afford NOT to have done. If you leave your site unaudited, particularly a church or Christian site, it is hardly a matter of if you will be hacked, and more a matter of when. Sites purchased through us already have this service in place, but we are now able to offer this as a standalone service to any Joomla based site. You can purchase a single audit, where we scan and repair potential vulnerabilities and provide you with a full report. Or, save money and have more peace of mind by purchasing an annual package, where your site is scanned (and repaired if required) every two weeks.

Click here to see an example of a security scan


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